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kathrin woo smiling in to the camera

Hello, dear fellow human!

Nice to have you here! I am Kathrin Woo, a passionate licensed pattern designer from Berlin. I live here with my husband and our two children, Big-J and Lil-M, who are not only my greatest source of inspiration but also the reason why Kathrin Woo Design exists.
Previously, I worked in retail and almost became an elementary school teacher. I studied Northern European Studies at Humboldt University and then taught German as a foreign language at the Goethe Institute in South Korea and Berlin.

After all these necessary detours, I finally found my real passion for design in 2018.

Creating just makes me happy, and with each new design, I try to pass on a piece of the joy I am experiencing with my work. My style is playful and modern, making it eye-catching for children and the young at heart.

In addition to designing vector patterns, I am deeply committed do a sustainable and minimalist lifestyle. Therefore, our little family strives to live as environmentally friendly as possible day by day, making even the smallest contribution to the preservation of our wonderful planet. 

I want to uphold these values in my work as well. That’s why you won’t find any products with my designs made from conventional, non-recycled plastic. This is my contribution to a better and more beautiful planet for now.

I am proud and grateful to be working with these companies:

If you’re interested in collaborating or if you have any questions, just send me an email! 
I’m always happy to help.